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By Xavier Roberts

PISGAH, ALABAMA — A couple of local thugs thought they could get away with an easy robbery of someone’s shed. Inside the shed was some quantity of gasoline which looked like an easy score for the duo. However, they weren’t anticipating an armed homeowner ready and prepared to defend what’s his.

Jackson County Chief Deputy Rocky Harnen says two men broke into the shed of a homeowner on County Road 83 in Pisgah. He says the homeowner fired some warning shot and ordered the two men to get on the ground. But he says one of them got up again and came at him with a knife. So he shot him in the knee.


I am not a fan of warning shots or shooting to wound, as
this could lead to potential legal issues on the validity of discharging your
firearm. However, in this particular case in rural Alabama it worked out just
fine. When the homeowner found the two men in his shed, he fired warning shots
to scare them off, hoping to put an end to the shenanigans without anyone getting

Unfortunately, one of the bad guys …Read the Rest

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