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We know many of our readers are getting older and are not as flexible as they once were. If you shoot prone with sling, or do position shooting, you can definitely benefit from doing some key stretches on a regular basis. This can help avoid cramping, muscle pain, or unwanted tension. In addition, doing stretching exercise can help with general health and fitness.
Shooting Sports USA has a good fitness article: Easy Stretches And Strength Movements. While the main focus of this article is on strethces to alleviate lower back pain, many of the movements illustrated can help ease neck, shoulder, and mid-back tension. This Editor, who suffers from neck/shoulder tension, can confirm that these exercises really do help. NOTE: The lead photo above shows the Floor Pec stretch (left) and Pigeon stretch (right), referenced below.
The article’s author, Corey Howard, explains:
Let’s look at the simple stretches … to maintain a healthy range of motion in your four corners — your hips and shoulders. If any of these areas are tight, then nine times out of 10, your body can’t stabilize and you’ll have low back issues.
There are four simple yoga stretches I have all my clients do: child’s pose, floor

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