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By Justin Stakes

Diverse Young Ladies at 2015 NASP Nationals
Important Safety Reminder: Only NASP-Approved Equipment Should Be Used on NASP Ranges
National Archery in the Schools Program
National Archery in the Schools Program

Nashville, TN -( It has come to our attention that situations are occurring where individual coaches are having their students use archery equipment on NASP ranges that far exceeds the safety tolerances of the approved NASP arrow curtains.

According to BCY, the manufacturer of the arrow curtain used in NASP, their curtain backstop is rated “for the highest draw weight the standard Genesis bow shoots,” (about 20 pounds of draw weight).

NASP archery curtains are specifically designed for the Genesis bow, and approved aluminum NASP Easton arrows with “stock” target points. The use of unapproved archery equipment on NASP-specific arrow curtains, can, and has resulted in damage to facilities and could possibly cause harm to participants.

If it is determined that a NASP certified person is continuing to allow bows more powerful than the Genesis bow or the use of carbon arrows on the range, NASP reserves the right to decertify that individual and their respective school from participation in any NASP approved events.

Through your diligence, we can continue to say that NASP is the largest, most …Read the Rest

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