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By gunwriter Imagine if you will a 16 year old boy going to Gunsite Academy to take the highly respected, week-long, 250 Pistol Course. Imagine that same boy taking a pistol that was first introduced in 1935. Imagine that boy competing against other shooters in the course who were adults, and who were using modern pistols, most of which were made of plastic. Can you imagine the results? You might be able to but you would very like imagine wrong. My son was that young man and he used one of the most exquisite pistols I’ve ever handled. And, he used it to win the man on man shoot off. Could it have been done with a lesser gun. Possibly, but we will never know. What we do know is that it was done, using Hornady ammunition and with this gun: the new custom Browning HiPower from Nighthawk Custom Firearms. I suggest you check out the article (written prior to the Gunsite class) at Shooting Illustrated to read about this pistol and I suggest you check out an upcoming article in Combat Handguns to read about how my son and that Hornady fueled HiPower performed at Gunsite. A special thanks goes out …Read the Rest

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