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By Tom Knighton

Illinois wasn’t particularly happy about allowing concealed carry, I suspect. The state passed the law, but it wasn’t to thunderous applause.

After five years, any problems with people carrying guns in a state where they were legally barred from doing so before would have become apparent. That’s plenty of time for issues to crop up, right?

Well, according to one police department at least, there aren’t any issues.

It has been nearly five years since Illinois allowed gun owners to carry concealed weapons.

2019 will be the first time that concealed carry holders will have to renew their licenses.

Rockford Police Investigator Chris Aldrich says the first five years under the law have gone pretty smoothly.

“We have not had issues with those individuals, dealing with our officers, which, again, we’re very thankful,” he said. “We want to keep it that way.”

Local police officers have been working with citizens who regularly carry a weapon concealed on their body.

“We fully support people using their 2nd Amendment rights, just do it legally and cooperate with law enforcement and we’re not going to present you any problems,” Aldrich said.

Honestly, what these officers are seeing isn’t surprising. This is what concealed carriers have done in every other …Read the Rest

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