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By Tom Knighton

It’s shocking, I know, but Illinois doesn’t have an “assault weapon” ban.

While so many anti-gun states have them, it’s easy to forget that they’re not as universal. Mostly, it’s never happened because as much as Chicago dominates the state’s political landscape, guns are something the more rural parts are willing to fight over. Thus far, they have, and they’ve won.

But now it seems that the Democrats in the state are feeling froggy and think it’s time to go at it again.

A pair of Democratic lawmakers have sponsored a piece of legislation making it illegal to own several different firearms.

And several southern Illinois lawmakers plan to fight the bill.

“Our second amendment rights are sacred to we as Americans, and here in southern Illinois we’re not going to tolerate it,” State Rep. Terri Bryant, (R) Murphysboro, said.

Terri Bryant says Senate Bill 107 is just the latest attempt to ban legal guns.

Democratic senators filed the bill Wednesday and it bars anyone from owning certain semi-automatic rifles, pistols and shotguns. That includes AR 15’s.

It also allows gun owners to keep their weapons if they register them with Illinois State Police within 300 days of the bill passing, but any future sales …Read the Rest

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