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By Chris Eger

Gov. J.B. Pritzker was supported by national gun control groups in his election campaign and, taking office this week, will sign previously rejected gun control legislation. (Photo: Pritzker/Twitter)
Within hours of being sworn in, the new Democrat governor signaled he would sign a controversial bill enacting state-level gun dealer licensing in Illinois.
J.B. Pritzker, a billionaire Hyatt Hotels heir and venture capitalist embraced by gun control groups, defeated Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner last November and was inaugurated on Monday. In one of his first moves, his office announced Pritzker’s plan to sign gun control legislation on Thursday that Rauner rejected during his tenure.
The measure, SB 337, passed the Illinois General Assembly without a veto-proof margin last May and Rauner, then running for re-election, promised to drop veto ink on the bill should it be sent to his desk as he did with a similar effort, SB 1657, which the Republican scuttled last March.
In his veto on SB 337, Rauner told lawmakers the law, if enacted, “would create a largely duplicative state level of licensing and regulation of gun dealers on top of existing federal licensing and regulation that would do little to improve public safety.”
Supporters of the effort disagreed but admitted defeat


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