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By Tom Knighton

(AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

Generally, criminals respond best to force. If you want to stop a crime in its tracks, you often need to present yourself as a threat. It’s why so many of us carry firearms, so that we can present a threat to criminals. We know that asking politely usually doesn’t end crime. You know, as a general rule.

But what about after the crime has been committed?

Well, an auction house in Decatur, Illinois was recently robbed. The thief or thieves stole several things, including firearms. Now, the auction house is asking for the bad guys to bring the guns back.

Owners of the Cody Redman Auctioneer Service had nine guns stolen from them July 6th and now they are looking for them to be safely returned.

There is still mud on their back door, which is what the office manager at Cody Redman Auctioneer Services tells me is how they are trying to identify who stole some of their items.

Despite having several things out on display, the thieves only went for one thing, which is the guns.

Nine were stolen in total, which include pistols, a double barrel shotgun as well as a B.B. gun.

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