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By Justin Stakes

Illinois State Rifle Association
Illinois State Rifle Association

Chatsworth, IL -( Your life matters. The lives of your loved ones matter.

That is why I am always writing about getting your concealed carry license, receiving additional training, pointing out what a dangerous world we live in, and letting you know that the world is getting even more dangerous. Avoiding facing reality and preparation are fatal errors for each of us personally and for our nation. Here are examples of how dangerous it is:

Take the case of Byron White. White approached a young man and demanded his cell phone. The young man said no and called police. White shot him to death, took the phone, and then complained to his friends that the phone wasn’t as nice as the one he wanted. Then there is the case of Tyshawn Lee, a nine year old boy who was lured to a gang execution, and then shot in a Chicago alley. This is what is out there.

If you prepare and nothing happens, nothing is lost. If you don’t prepare and something happens, all may be lost. Then of course, maybe if nothing happens it was because you were prepared.

The anti-gun forces are getting reinforcements from New York Governor …Read the Rest

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