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By Tom Knighton

If someone breaks the law and they’re not prosecuted, does the law even matter?

That’s a question we’ve asked regarding Pittsburgh, PA where the mayor is trying to push for local gun ordinances despite a state preemption law on the books. However, it’s a good question to ponder in general. After all, laws are nothing but words on a piece of paper if there’s no enforcement of those laws.

In Illinois, where at least one county has become a sanctuary county for gun rights, a state’s attorney has said there are some laws he won’t prosecute.

A local state’s attorney is standing his ground against a bill that would ban assault weapons.

During Monday night’s town hall meeting in Marion put on by Representatives Terry Bryant, R-Murphysboro, Dave Severin, R-Benton, and Patrick Windhorst, R-Metropolis, Williamson County State’s Attorney Brandon Zanotti spoke up on how he feels on gun control legislation.

Zanotti stated he would not prosecute any citizen using their weapons to protect themselves or for leisure.

“If you’re not a felon and you’re not using it for criminal purposes we are not going to prosecute you for it,” Zanotti said. “I think we need to be careful before we …Read the Rest

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