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By Tom Knighton

A while back, a county in Illinois decided to take a stand. You see, it understands the state of Illinois is dominated by Chicago, including the legislature where big-city progressivism–including a fondness for gun control–is the norm despite most of the people outside of the city opposing such restrictions.

This county made a move, taken from the progressive playbook, and became a sanctuary county. It decided it wouldn’t enforce any of the state’s gun control regulations.

Now that the state is considering an assault weapon ban, it’s pretty happy with its decision.

When supporters first proposed making Madison County a “sanctuary county” for gun owners, this was what they were afraid of.

A bill banning new semi-automatic assault rifles and severely curtailing the possession of existing weapons is one of many pieces of gun-related legislation has been introduced in the Illinois General Assembly.

While that happens regularly, new super majorities in both houses and the election of Gov. J. B. Pritzker, who has expressed support for gun control, have caused a great deal of concern among gun rights advocates.

“The issues we were concerned about before are probably going to happen,” said Madison County Board Member Don Moore, R-Troy. “I guess I’m a …Read the Rest

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