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By James England

The year is 1972. Men were men and sheep were scared. Wait, sorry, wrong intro. *Ahem*

The year is 1972. President Nixon is still in office, the Godfather was just released, and ammunition standards decided to take a dip for the worst. Just one year prior, the Federal Reserve divorced from the Gold Standard and, to keep up with the times, ammunition and firearms producers must have also wanted to cheap out on their costs, too.

The Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturing Institute (SAAMI) set the guidelines for a standard pressure in pistol and rifle munitions being produced, marketed and sold in the United States. These standards were widely adopted and the old style of standard round was now known as the “+P” or “overpressurized”.

This is mostly because that would sell way better than selling the new standard as, “Now weaker than before!”

It was 1972 after all — hipsters and irony hadn’t been exported to America, yet.

Setting The Precedent For Overpressurized Ammunition

Anyhow, the SAAMI set a standard for pressurization of a round and even developed a standard proof round to ensure every gun going out to market could withstand a known amount of stress before going …Read the Rest

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