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By Brandon

By Luke McCoy via USA Carry

Homeowners have a large degree of protection when defending themselves and their property. After all, it is their property. Additionally, when people come over, many states stipulate that the homeowner has the legal right to allow or disallow an armed visitor to remain. For instance, in some states, if a homeowner puts up a sign that says, “no guns allowed” then a law-abiding citizen visiting that home would be legally compelled to comply.

Obviously, criminals would probably ignore that sign. But that is not the central point we’re aiming for in this article. In this article, we will discuss if your rights to carry concealed change when you are renting property versus owning it.

This is a multifaceted question because different state laws, rules, and regulations dictate different practices. In general, so long as the entity leasing the property to you does not specifically state that you are not allowed to carry firearms onto the premise you are leasing or renting, there is no provision against you doing so. Obviously, in states like New Jersey or Hawaii, owning a firearm is a complex and complicated process and being a concealed carrier in those …Read the Rest

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