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What 5 would you choose?

It’s that time again on the Internet. You know the drill.

I wouldn’t call it a meme or an ice bucket challenge thing exactly, but there’s a spate of “if you could only have five guns for the apocalypse” articles going around right now. It looks like it started with the Iraqveteran8888 video below, about selecting five guns for a “Red Dawn” scenario, then spread to

This one’s pretty easy for me, so I’ll go ahead and play. I think’s format of carbine, handgun, shotgun, rifle, and rimfire is a solid load-out, so I’ll stick with that format. Also, I’m sticking to what’s in my safe — I’m not sure if that’s a rule, but that’s how I’m playing. I think it’s fair to mention stuff that isn’t in your safe if you specify that it isn’t.
1. Carbine: LMT CQB MRP Defender (piston AR-15)

It’s what’s in my safe, along with an LMT LM8, which is the lighter, “slick sides” direct impingement counterpart to the CQB MRP. There’s lots of parts interchangeability there, but if I was going to grab one and go it would probably be the piston gun. …read more

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