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By Rob Morse

Self Defense

By Rob Morse : Opinion

If We Really Cared About the Poor Then We Wouldn’t Disarm Them
Slow Facts
Slow Facts

USA –-( I can understand progressives and their virtue signally.

What I hate is the anti-gun progressives puffing themselves up with virtue-pride while simultaneously disarming poor minorities. Not everyone lives in a guarded and gated community. Spare me the empathy while you leave the poor unprotected and defenseless.

There are too many examples to list, but this lets you see what I mean.

  • Many large city police departments refuse to investigate and prosecute crimes in poor areas. There is a low chance of successfully arresting and convicting the criminal. There is a high chance of the police themselves getting harmed. Cops take a report and move on.
  • The same crime can have a very different impact on a poor person and a limousine progressive. What if a beat-up bike is your only transportation? A petty-theft to a rich liberal living in a gated community is a devastating loss to a teen living paycheck to paycheck and riding his bike to work.
  • Deep blue states imposed training requirements to even touch a gun. If training …Read the Rest

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