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By Tom Knighton

There’s been this rampant fear over Defense Distributed’s Cody Wilson and his desire to give away 3D printer files that allow people to make firearm parts and, in one case, a full firearm. They have freaked out and screamed and gotten the courts involved. They’re terrified at the idea of people being able to hop on the internet and download files that may allow them to build a firearm with the government’s permission.

The fact that people have been doing just that for years is completely irrelevant, apparently.

However, Cody Wilson has been the personal target of all of this. The courts have been focused on him. Anti-gun activists have been focused on him. All this despite the files being hosted a number of other places by now. That doesn’t matter. Wilson simply can’t be allowed to give these files away.

So, Wilson apparently has said, “Fine.”

Defense Distributed founder Cody Wilson crushed their short-lived happiness during a Tuesday press conference where he revealed that he actually won’t be stopped from sharing technical data; he will simply sell the files via his website, (Yes, he can do this.)

“This judge’s order, stopping us from simply giving things …Read the Rest

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