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By Tom Knighton

We haven’t talked much about the incident that took place recently at a Eugene, OR school. There, a man was shot and killed by police after he drew an illegally carried firearm after being told to leave the school.

Earlier this week, police released body cam video showing that their officers didn’t just gun down some innocent man but instead responded to provocation in the form of a bad person drawing their weapon on school property.

Now, it seems the deceased’s friends are a little upset and are trying to get even.

Police in Eugene are searching for answers after explosives were found outside their headquarters on Country Club Road late Monday afternoon.

Lt. David Natt said incendiary devices were discovered by a crew who was mowing the front lawn.

“This is not a hoax device,” Natt said. “This is a very serious matter.”

The Eugene Metro Explosive Disposal Unit was called and defused the explosives. Natt would not go into details about the devices but said they are now in the hands of forensic experts.

“Our hope is that we get some physical evidence off it and that physical evidence leads us to somebody involved in the production and/or deployment of these devices,” …Read the Rest

Source:: Bearing Arms

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