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By BA Staff

Jason Galvin, an Army veteran who completed two tours in Afghanistan, showed us last Thursday that guns can save freedom when he used his rifle to free a bald eagle that was stuck in a tree.

After multiple shots, Galvin managed to shoot a rope that had caught the eagle.

Check out Galvin recreating the scene below:

This story caught some buzz on Twitter, and some even called it “the most American thing ever.”

A Veteran Saving A Bald Eagle By Shooting The Branch It Was Stuck On May Be The Most American Thing To Ever Happen.

— Total Frat Move (@totalfratmove) July 5, 2016

Wife: U.S. Army vet saved bald eagle stuck in tree by ‘mowing down the branches’ with his rifle:

— WSBT (@WSBT) July 4, 2016

Army vet rescues a bald eagle on Independence Day weekend. Doesn’t get more America than this.

— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) July 4, 2016

FGF: Nothing more american than this Army Vet rescuing a bald eagle over the holiday weekend

— McGowen CPA (@MHCSCPA) July 8, 2016

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