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By Dan Zimmerman

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Regular readers here know the issues involved in so-called “smart guns.” Besides all the obvious technical questions and inadequacies, one thing is indisputable: New Jersey State Senator Loretta Weinberg’s (above) law mandating the sale of smart guns has done more to hinder their development and adoption in the US than any other single factor. Not that she’d ever admit to that, even under direct questioning by Leslie Stahl (click image above to view last night’s ’60 Minutes’ segment). Instead, she deflects as much blame as she can, pointing the bony finger of blame at opposition from every hoplophobe’s boogie man of choice, the big bad NRA. Sorry, Senator, but to mix metaphors, that horse hockey just won’t fly . . .

The reason Andy Raymond broke out the whiskey and the AR and took to Facebook to defend himself and his business was that no one wanted to see one store in Maryland activate Weinberg’s smart gun poison pill in America’s armpit. Threats and arson attempts are way beyond the pale, but firearms owners and 2A supporters, burned time and again by giving in to anti-gunners’ incrementalist disarmament long game, have finally learned …Read the Rest

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