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By James Rummel

During my charity self defense days, I chose only those in extremely dire financial straits as students. If they had money, they could afford to pay for a standard course of instruction.

This meant I would have to pay for just about everything needed for the self defense course out of my own pocket. Safety equipment, ammunition, targets, range time. All came out of my meager disposable income.

One thing I would never do was give away firearms.

The reason for this is way obvious, as the potential liability was too great if the gift would be used in an irresponsible manner. Besides the fact that I am hardly made of money myself, and guns are rather expensive.

This means my students would train in the classroom and at the range using my firearms, under my close supervision of course, but then would have to obtain their own guns to provide for their defense. This resulted in a lot of old family heirlooms being cleaned up, checked out, and put into service. Long after the original owners had become less than memories, their firearms would still be safeguarding the lives of their descendants.

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