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By Mark Walters

Constitutional Carry Coming Soon


I Thought Georgia Was A Free State? Time for Constitutional Carry

Georgia – -( While all of us follow federal recommendations and hunker down in our abodes, the usual suspects are taking advantage of the national health emergency to strip the second amendment rights of citizens. By usual suspects, I mean the likes of Cuomo in NY, Murphy in NJ, among others who must be sued into compliance for blatantly violating the rights of their citizens by shutting down permitting processes, fingerprinting, and gun shops, for example.

But, never in my wildest dreams did I believe I would see something similar here in the otherwise free state of Georgia.

Now, there is a universe of difference between the tyrants I just named above and Georgia Governor, Brian Kemp. Heck, Kemp ran one of the most pro-gun campaigns, possibly in the history of any state gubernatorial elections in modern-day America.

Brian Kemp
Brian Kemp

You may recall his advertisements that garnered national attention when he was accused by the do-goody leftists of threatening his daughters’ boyfriend with a shotgun while having …Read the Rest

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