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By Brandon Curtis

If I mess up, I’ll fess up. This one is a hard pill to swallow for me, because I’ve written articles on this topic before and I didn’t take my own advice.

I can’t find the article right now, but it’s out there, and it’s been discussed in numerous articles over the years.

Here’s what happened.

Yesterday, I went to the range with a few GLOCK’s. One was not yet fired, and the other two came along for the ride because they all shared the same caliber.

I brought three guns: G19X, G26, G19

I brought three different rounds, all from the same manufacturer: 115gr HP, 124gr HP, 147gr HP.

The manufacturer, Underwood Ammo, has been my carry ammo for about 4 years now. I love what they produce, and it’s never failed me.

I start with the G19X. I run a magazine of each of the three different rounds that I brought along. They all ran through perfectly.

Next was the G19. Same as above, I used the same ammo in the same manner as with the 19X. They all ran through perfectly.

Last was the G26. I started with the 124gr rounds. Chambering a round was …Read the Rest

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