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By James Rummel

desert and mountains in west Texas

As previously mentioned here at The Handbasket, I recently left my home state of Ohio for the sun blasted plains of Texas.

This decision was not made lightly, nor without anxiety. But more than half a century of northern dwelling didn’t pan out like I hoped. Jobs were scarce, and employment with good wages were almost nonexistent unless one had an advanced college degree. My lack of disposable income meant that I was forced to live in a craphole apartment complex, smack-dab in the middle of a high crime area.

How bad are we talkin’? I would have to reach for my gun about twice a year to fend off aggressive criminals, although I never had to draw when they realized I was armed.

old man with hatchet, musket, and pistol

Nothing ever came of it, because the vast majority of criminals are base cowards who will do almost anything to avoid going up against someone who has the legal means for defense. Although, I must admit, I might just be a bit more prepared in the means department than most.

So I quit my job, which barely paid the …Read the Rest

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