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By Rob Garrett

A full-size unit, the Model 1 Hush Puppy harkens to jungle use during Vietnam.

At just 3 inches long, the Hush Puppy Model 2 suppressor is compact and light.

The special operations community has been responsible for the development of many unique weapons systems. During the Vietnam War, the Naval Special Warfare community was tasked with clandestine operations, raids and long-range reconnaissance missions. Small teams would be inserted deep into North Vietnam to provide intelligence and disrupt enemy operations. The SEALs instilled fear into the Viet Cong, who began calling them “the men with green faces.”

Designed by a Navy SEAL sniper, the Riton X7 Tactix 1-8x28 delivers.


Riton X7 Tactix 1-8×28: Developed With SEAL Team Sniper Charlie Melton

Navy SEALs and the Hush Puppy System

Such operations required SEALs to utilize a number of non-standard specialized weapons, including the Stoner 63A light machine gun, the MAC-10 submachine gun, the XM177E2 carbine and the Carl Gustaf Model 54 (also known as the Swedish K). In the early days, the only suppressed submachine gun available to the teams was the WWII-era M3A1 Grease Gun in .45 …Read the Rest

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