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By Lee Williams

by Lee WilliamsToday’s criminals look at hurricane evacuees about the same way Caribbean pirates salivated over fat Spanish merchant ships heavily laden with gold.At the very least, hurricane evacuees have a car full of gas, hundreds of dollars in cash, prescription drugs, food, water and valuables too precious to leave at home.Florida recognized this in 2015, when then-Gov. Rick Scott signed what became known as the state’s “Hurricane Gun Law.”The law allows Floridians to carry a concealed firearm for 48 hours while complying with a mandatory evacuation order, regardless of whether they have a valid Concealed Weapon and Firearm license.There are a few conditions. The governor or local authorities must first declare a state of emergency, and then a mandatory evacuation order must follow. Also, the governor can extend the 48-hour limit if needed.  When the Hurricane Gun Law was signed, it wasn’t recognized by the states contiguous to Florida. It still isn’t, although Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia now have constitutional carry.Those who drafted and sponsored the legislation were certainly well meaning, but when judged by today’s standards, and the fact that half of the country now enjoys constitutional carry, the law seems a bit quaint.It’s as though officials realized

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