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By Brian Lovett

Remington 870 DM Predator

Remington 870 DM Predator

Déjà vu took a funky twist that warm March morning in Texas. With my back wedged against a broad live oak and a camo shotgun resting on my left knee, my eyes cut left and right, nervously searching for the approaching red-and-white head of a Rio Grande longbeard. The setting was familiar, as the Lone Star State has long been one of my favorite turkey hunting destinations. The Remington Model DM Predator on my knee, however, represented a new experience—my first hunt with a box-magazine-fed shotgun and an introduction to a surprisingly versatile platform.

remington 870 express tactical shotgun right angle


Testing a Gator-Choke-Equipped Rem 870 Express Tactical Shotgun

I’d joined several other writers, folks from Remington and our hosts at Wildlife Systems Inc. at the Chaparrosa Ranch near La Pryor, Texas, to test-drive the DM Predator on turkeys, javelinas and feral hogs. With a full gun range and abundant game, the ranch would be the perfect proving grounds for the shotgun. And …Read the Rest

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