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By Kevin Creighton

I’m a passionate firearms owner and competitive shooter, but I didn’t grow up hunting. I grew up in Western Canada and spent Sunday afternoons on my uncle’s farms shooting gophers, but because my Dad was not a hunter, I didn’t grow up a hunter. I didn’t spend time in a duck blind or a tree stand and I have no idea how to field-dress an animal after I’ve harvested it.

But I want to learn, and now that I’m older and into my middle-aged years, that is proving to be a bigger challenge than I anticipated.

I participate in a wide variety of shooting sports: I shoot USPSA, IDPA, 3 Gun, precision rifle and sporting clays on a regular basis, and enjoy all of them. While the skill set required for these sports is diverse and covers a number of different shooting techniques, one thing they all have in common is an easy entry path for new participants.

There are no licensing requirement to shoot practical pistol, and the state isn’t handing out a limited number of sporting clay tags each year. In addition to this, based on my experience, there are always people who are ready and willing to help grow the …Read the Rest

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