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By Ammoland Editor Joe Evans

Advantage 2-Man Whitetail Hunting Blind
Advantage 2-Man Whitetail Hunting Blind

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USA -( Hunting spots that consistently produce deer year after year – either because they overlook a natural funnel or a consistent food source – can be even more productive with an Advantage 2-Man Whitetail Hunting blind.

Advantage 2-man blinds are roomy, comfortable and give the hunter the option to hunt from the ground, or to install the blind in an elevated position. They are easy to use, nearly maintenance free and can make you a more effective hunter under real-world hunting conditions.

Because it is a rigid-frame, enclosed hunting blind, the Advantage Whitetail allows you to hunt out of the rain and wind while reducing the ability of deer to see or smell you.

The Whitetail Blind’s heavy duty Polyethylene Black Shell, polycarbonate windows, bolt-through design with interlocking corners and carpeted 3/4-inch pressure-treated floor mean the blind is waterproof, bug-resistant, safe, quiet and nearly maintenance free.

The windows flip up and out of your way, providing 360-degree shooting – whether you are shooting a rifle, muzzleloader, vertical bow or crossbow. In many blinds, corner posts obscure your view, but in the Whitetail Blind …Read the Rest

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