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By Kristin Alberts

When somebody says they bought a .30-30 or .45-70, the first question is “what kind of rifle did ya get?” Magnum Research offers a different and much more intriguing answer to that question with their hardcore line of Big Frame Revolvers.
From the company of Desert Eagle fame comes this full line of over-built, serious single action revolvers. These solid stainless wheelguns are intended for hard use in any kind of conditions. While there are versions for all types of shooters, the bread-and-butter of the line centers around what the company calls the “long cylinder” models, and those babies are made for hunters. Best of all, the BFR’s are manufactured entirely in the USA.
Though the BFR’s are not new, there are some recent re-design changes, including an upgraded rear sight, as well as slight changes to both the hammer shape and grip. Long cylinder calibers include .30-30 Win, .45-70, .444 Marlin, .460, and .500 S&W.
Barrel lengths are available in either 7.5- or 10-inch variants with cut rifling, with overall lengths at 15- and 17.5-inches respectively. Finish is a clean, brushed stainless, with solid stainless steel construction. A black fixed front blade and fully adjustable rear come standard, though factory BFR’s come


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