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By Tom Knighton

You can’t blame the Huffington Post for not knowing anything about guns, can you? I mean, they’re a left-leaning political site with pretensions of being part of the mainstream media. They don’t know anything about firearms and gun owners, and worse is that they don’t seem to realize how little they know about any of it.

That’s on display in an article where they tout yet another so-called smart gun as some breakthrough.

Sometime in the next year, Philadelphia-based startup LodeStar Firearms says it will release the first commercially viable smart gun, a 9 mm semiautomatic handgun with a user-recognition lock designed to allow only authenticated users to fire it.

This sort of technology hasn’t caught on in the U.S., so it’s something of a gamble for LodeStar, which is raising $3 million in seed funding to finalize a prototype. The company is banking on being able to disrupt the firearms industry by capitalizing on an uncertain demand for gun safety features. If such advances prove popular, LodeStar says, it could lead to an industrywide evolution that would ultimately save thousands of lives each year.

LodeStar is still ironing out the specifications of its pistol; regardless of how it turns out, …Read the Rest

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