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By Ammoland

Mike Weisser
Mike Weisser “The Gun Guy”
National Rifle Association

FAIRFAX, Va. –-( In response to the NRA and Wayne LaPierre’s October 27, 2015 video on “How to Stop Violent Crime,” The Huffington Post published an article titled “NRA Repeats Same Old Misleading, Racist Tropes in New Anti-Clinton Video.”

In this hit piece masquerading as journalism, the author — who, despite calling himself “Mike the Gun Guy” is about as much a gun guy as Rachel Dolezal is a black woman — accuses the NRA of being racist. Check out the clip in question.

The author writes: “The picture of ‘Darius Brown’ is actually a picture of Jamal Streeter, one of three young men charged in the murder of a 13-year-old teenager named Darius Brown. Oh well, if every young man of color is either a gangbanger or a thug, how hard is it to get them all mixed up?”

Here’s the problem with his claim though.

Darius Brown D-A-R-I-U-S — this kid — was a 13-year-old killed by Jamal Streeter and two other guys while playing basketball. However, De’Eris Brown D-E-‘-E-R-I-S — the person pictured in the Wayne video — is the …Read the Rest

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