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By AmmoLand Editor Duncan Johnson

Howard Leight: Go PRO for High Performance Hearing Protection
Howard Leight: Go PRO for High Performance Hearing Protection

WESTWOOD, Mass.-( Many shooters have a tendency to believe that all forms of hearing protection provide adequate defense against noise-induced hearing loss. Once the “ears” go on, it’s easy to simply assume that hearing is adequately protected.

The unfortunate truth is that most shooters simply don’t give enough thought to hearing protection. Just because one particular model or style is comfortable or convenient doesn’t mean it provides adequate defense against hearing loss in any given shooting application.

The sound-attenuating performance of today’s diverse hearing protection options varies significantly, as do individual shooting environments and the amount of noise produced by the firearms we use.

Acoustic energy doubles every 3dB, so a high-powered rifle that produces a peak of 158dB generates 192 times more acoustic energy than a .22 cal. rifle that produces 140dB. Shooters should make hearing-protection decisions accordingly. The safest choice is to select a product with a high Noise Reduction Rating (NRR). The higher the number, the better the product protects.

Designed to protect shooters from loud firearms in noisy shooting environments, the Impact PRO electronic earmuff from Honeywell Howard Leight combines an impressive, high NRR of 30dB with up …Read the Rest

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