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By Bob Owens


One of these days I’m going to slow down long enough to log all of my firearms training hours. Offhand, I know it’s now north of 400+ hours in professional courses with some of the best firearms instructors in the world, including Green Berets, SEALs, top competitive shooters, and highly-experienced SWAT veterans. I’ve learned to fight with handguns, shotguns, and rifles, and have learned some tactical medicine along the way, because it isn’t always bad guys who get shot in the real world.

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I’ve cleared shoot houses both in the daytime and in low-light conditions with white lights and night vision gear, have interdicted targets from a helicopter, and shot terrorist robots in a prison cell block raid. I have won force-on-force training scenarios, and have lost them miserably. I’ve been humbled in shooting competitions, and even won one. I’ve broken guns and optics and holsters. I’ve been bled and burned and scarred. Next week, I’ll be in training again, hoping to earn my certification as an instructor in vehicle close quarter combat (VCQB).

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But most of all, I’ve tried to listen, both on the range and in conversations …Read the Rest

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