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By Rob Morse

Fake News Biased Media Gun Banners iStock-807078422
Fake News Biased Media Gun Banners iStock-807078422

U.S.A. -( Some ecological environments show an amplifier effect where reducing one population lets another population explode. In our intellectual environment today, we see an explosive growth of lying politicians once the media starts lying to us even a little. I’m not a prude when it comes to dishonesty. I expect people to lie, and some much more than others. All of us expect politicians lie as they try to get what they want. We certainly don’t expect the truth from these undisciplined attention addicts who will say anything to get elected. The only thing that holds politicians in check is a spotlight from the press, and today, the press is in the tank for the Democrats. We know the media lies to us because the politicians are never shamed into telling the truth.

In one breath, Senator Kamala Harris, a Democrat candidate for president, says we should turn in our guns, yet she owns a handgun for self-protection. The senator thinks her life is more important than ours, and she knows the media won’t call her on her hypocrisy.

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