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By Dan Zimmerman


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In a previous article, we discussed several large chains that had standing “no weapons” policies in place for a majority of their nationwide venues. This is very annoying for the responsible concealed carrier who tries to stay within the laws. A big one we keep hearing about: the issue of carrying concealed into movie theaters. Who doesn’t love watching a great movie on the big screen? Thankfully . . .

a lot of smaller businesses are wising up to the trend that concealed carriers stop armed criminals. This is also great because small businesses are more acutely aware of their need to be inclusive of all their shoppers — more particularly those who may come to their defense if the need arises.

Tips On Talking To “Gun Free” Business Owners

Your best bet for making any headway in dismantling a “gun free zone” is through logical, calm discussion with an actual manager or owner from the business itself. In almost all states, a business has the right to designate its premises as “gun free” — because private property is an inherent right observed by the state. States …Read the Rest

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