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By Robert Farago

The President of the United States would like the American people to talk about gun control around the Thanksgiving table this week. Not the abject failure of his Middle East policy or the State Department’s worldwide terror alert (be afraid, be somewhat afraid). Fair enough! Let’s talk turkey about gun control over turkey. You have two options . . .

1. If your family is pro-gun rights

Ask your relatives and friends what guns they have, what they’ve shot recently, what they’re planning on buying and the state of their ammo supply. On the face of it, this doesn’t qualify as “talking about gun control,” but sharing stories about the pleasures of owning firearms is an excellent way to be thankful for what we have and remind yourself and your ballistic brethren that gun control advocates want to destroy your way of life (in general). It’s anti-gun control motivation.

If your family is politically-minded, no doubt the Second Amendment will enter into conversation. As a TTAG reader, you’ll have plenty of salient facts and recent news at your proverbial fingertips. Click on our Facts About Guns tab to arm yourself with more insight for the pro-2A …Read the Rest

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