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By Ben Brown

When anyone thinks “Subgun” or “AR9” they think of a very short range platform. Yes, these pistol caliber guns do shine in confined spaces where targets are within 25 yards, but with a little knowledge and skill you can most certainly stretch these short barreled 9mm’s out.
I have chose two different examples to demonstrate the range capabilities of the 9mm out of a subgun. I will be shooting the CZ Scorpion with a 5.5 ich barrel suppressed with Aguilla 147gr. My other choice is the previously reviewed UDP-9 from Angstadt arms with a 6 inch barrel using 115gr super sonic Magtech. I wanted to pick a super sonic example and a sub-sonic suppressed one to show the evident difference in bullet drop.
Your Zero
Whether I am shooting suppressed or un-suppressed, I prefer to zero my 9mm subgun or AR9 at 25 yards. This is a good distance for the application of the weapons platform. Whether it is a home defense role or PCC competition, the majority of your targets will be with in this distance. You will still experience a sight over bore deviation. The varying degree of the deviation will depend on your mount height but most of your impacts


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