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By Jacki Billings

Knowing how to safely secure your gun in the car is a must for guns. (Photo: Jacki Billings/
Responsible gun ownership dictates knowing how and when to store firearms. In a perfect world, gun owners always would keep their guns at the ready, but that’s unrealistic. Sometimes there’s no way to avoid gun-free zones. A trip to the post office or a forgotten lunch box that needs to go to school dictates no guns, so where do you stow your piece when all you’ve got is a car?
With nearly 380,000 guns stolen per year, according to a Harvard study, and a 40 percent increase in guns stolen from cars in 14 out of 15 cities, prospering storing a gun in the car decreases the chances of guns falling into the wrong hands. Though the most appetizing solution might appear to be the glovebox, this compartment proves less than ideal. Though most come with a lock and do cloak the gun, glovebox locks are easily jimmied with a crowbar and a little force.
The same goes for the center console. Another popular gun destination, the center console boasts even less safety as most don’t feature any sort of locking mechanism. Additionally, the glovebox


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