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By Sara Tipton

Sara Tipton - why I do what I do

I’m not a firearms expert, nor do I play one on TV. But I love guns, I’ve got something of a rep these days and I love to help people who can benefit from my experience (such as it is). For example, I recently helped a Facebook commentator pick out a holster for his wife’s carry gun. Thinking about it later, it would have been a lot better if I’d been Facebooking directly with the wife. It’s like that fish story: give a woman a gun and she’ll have a tool for self-defense. Help her choose a gun and show her how to use it and . . .

she’ll be better able to save her life, the lives of her family and other innocents. That’s what I call female empowerment.

But it’s not what a lot of feminists believe. They think that disarming men – rather than arming women – is the key to women’s safety so they want to pass laws that make it harder for everyone to buy a gun. In Why Gun Control is a Feminist Issue at, Sarah Dunn justifies that position:

Domestic violence is all too common in the United States. According to …Read the Rest

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