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By Ben Brown

Do you want to be a tactical athlete? You can be if you enter into the Tactical Games. This event is new to the shooting sports genre and is a mixture of shooting and physically demanding activities. It spans two days and comprises of six or more stages. The Tactical Games draws a lot of the former/current law enforcement officials and military, but anyone can sign up. But please be advised, this is an event you will definitely want to prepare for.
Best Prep Exercises
To get an idea on how you should prepare for the Tactical Games, we should start with some of the tasks you may run into there. All the movements and exercises are inspired from the Special Operations community. This means rope climbs, long distance runs, sand bags, and generally uncomfortable body movements.
At the end of a stage you will be doubled over, panting, and praying for more oxygen to enter your body so working on your cardio is really important. Building your endurance will not only help with the physical portion of the stages but with your shooting as well. Holding your rifle or pistol steady is extremely challenging while your body is absolutely smoked. Any type of


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