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By Kristin Alberts

Trail cameras have become a must-have in the hunter’s arsenal, patterning deer and allowing hunters to plan for that big buck or trophy game. Many hunters, however, unknowingly spook more quarry with their cams than they ever photograph, so use these five trail cam tactics to set yourself up for your most successful hunt yet.
Keep Stealth on your Side
You don’t tromp out to your hunting stand location like Big Foot banging on pots and pans, so why do that when you’re setting trail cams? A successful setup starts before you even get there. Start with scent control. One of my favored products is Scent Kapture’s line of field spray, laundry detergent, and body wash. As soon as I step out of the truck, I spray down not only clothing but gear as well, including the trail camera’s soft straps. While you don’t necessarily need to wear camouflage or hunting clothing, do be aware of the odors on your attire.
In addition to scent control, keeping stealth on your side means moving quietly and deliberately through the terrain so as not to unnecessarily spook game. Double down by using your trail cam setup time to observe the area, plan the hunt, and


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