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By Tom Beckstrand


Regardless, if you choose a bag or a bipod, the concept remains the same: the front support should prevent lateral and vertical movement.

Rather than discuss how many shots per group there should be or how many groups are required to really know how well a rifle performs, I wanted to pass along a few things I’ve learned over the last few years of gun-­wrasslin’ on how to get a rifle to shoot to its potential. I hope that you might learn a little faster than I did, knowing some of the mistakes I made.

Getting the best out of a rifle has been an ongoing learning experience for me. No matter where I am on this journey, I remember that good rifle performance starts with building a good position. It isn’t as easy as it might seem and there are many considerations.

Rest Be Wary

My first recommendation is to only use a shooting bench if there is absolutely zero wobble in it. If you can put your hand on the table and rock it (even slightly), that wobble will add at least .2 inch to your group sizes.

In this light, be especially suspect of wood benches. Not only do they frequently sit …Read the Rest

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