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By Justin Stakes

How to Hunt Turkeys with World Champion Preston Pittman

By John E. Phillips

How to Hunt Turkeys with World Champion Preston Pittman
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USA -( When I find a turkey on one piece of property, and I’m set up on another, I’ll leave the woods and go to the landowner where I’ve heard the turkey gobbling to ask permission to hunt that spot.

If I don’t obtain permission, then the next time I hunt that same bird, I’ll let the bird tell me how to call to him. For instance, if the turkey gobbles aggressively every time I call, I’ll call and walk away from him like a hen that’s leaving. Then I’ll shut up and double back without ever calling and hopefully see the gobbler coming through the woods to where he’s heard the hen. Another tactic that I’ll only use on private property when I know for sure that no one else is in the woods is to gobble back at the tom. If a gobble doesn’t bring in the bird, I’ll give a series of fighting purrs to imitate two gobblers fighting. If the turkey has already shown you that he won’t come to hen calling, you’ll lose nothing if you try gobbler calls. …Read the Rest

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