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By Ammoland

Whitetail Deer Buck Pair

Editor’s Note: In states where baiting is legal, the timing and the placement of the feeder determine the hunter’s success. Be sure to check your state’s regulations governing using feeders. Hunting a feeder hard the first year can keep the deer away in future years, and the placement of the feeder is very important to your success.

Most deer actively will use a feeder, as long as no one takes shots at them at the feeder site.

USA – -( Florida has always considered baiting legal, and my longtime friend and avid hunter, Ronnie Grooms of Panama City, Florida, has hunted around feeders for many years.

According to Grooms, “For a feeder to be effective, you shouldn’t hunt it for several years. Deer are very shy of a feeder the first year you put it out. To create and develop an area where you can bag big bucks with your bow, the does must bring their fawns to the feeder and feel comfortable feeding around it. Then, as those buck fawns grow and develop, they’ll be accustomed to the feeder and feed in daylight hours around it. But if you hunt deer around a feeder the first year you …Read the Rest

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