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By Bob Owens

As many of you probably know, there were riots in Baltimore, Maryland this past weekend. The riots spun out of protests that emerged from the suspicious death of Freddie Gray from injuries incurred while in the custody of the Baltimore Police Department. If you need to get caught up with the back story, there is a Wikipedia page that is attempting to keep current with the latest developments of the investigation.

One of the most disturbing images to those of use old enough to remember the 1992 Lo Angeles riots was a scene where a blue Subaru station wagon was surrounded and attacked for no apparent reason by rioters.

There is an abbreviated video of the attack posted to Facebook by Derek Menser.

In the incident two men step in front of the car and start taunting the vehicle’s occupants. Why the idiot of a driver didn’t immediately lock all doors is anyone’s guess.

Two men from the riot step in front of the trapped car and start taunting the driver.

Another man wearing a “Black Lives Matter” shirt then rushes to the passenger-side door and opens it.

As the two men in front of the vehicle taunt …read more

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