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By Kristin Alberts

It’s likely not the hunter’s favorite task, but properly sighting in a rifle and optic combo is a necessary one to having not only trust in your setup, but ultimately a successful hunt. While many breeze through sight-in day, has five tips that will make your process a more enjoyable and productive one.
1. Set Your Parameters
Some of the most useful sight-in information comes before you even hit the range. Once the scope is mounted and boresighted — which can either be done at home or your preferred gun shop, usually for no cost — let the planning begin.  This is where you engage the brain, taking into account your quarry, terrain, and narrow down your load options— that is, things like bullet weight and ammunition type. You may be shocked at difference in, say, .30-06 offerings and their impact when jumping from 150-grain to 220-grain bullets. In this case, we’re sighting in a .223 that will be used at extended ranges for varmints, so we have opted to go with 55-grain V-Max ballistic tip bullets. In addition, instead of zeroing at the average 100-yard mark, we’ll zero at 200 yards and also be prepared for 300-400 yard targets. If


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