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By Kristin Alberts

Harvesting animals is both a thrill and a great way to connect with nature. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/
The reasons hunters take to the woods and fields are many — the thrill of the chase, to experience nature, for the fresh wild game meat, to bag a trophy, to share the family tradition, to travel the world, and the list goes on. Many of us were born into hunting families, others pulled in by passionate friends or partners; but what about those on the unlucky fringes looking into our world of the outdoors?
Here are five ways to introduce our hunting passion and create lifelong outdoorsmen and women.
Invite Friends to the Range
Starting new shooters at the range with a rimfire, like the Ruger Mark IV Target pistol in .22 LR pictured above, is a great way to ease them into shooting and work on the basics. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/
The first and best place to start is the range. If rimfires are how they want to begin, let them try a smattering of rifles and handguns. Ease them into bigger bores with clear explanations. Quality ear protection helps as many first-timers fear the noise as much as the recoil.
Most importantly, never ask someone new


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