Posted August 13, 2018 9:00 am by Comments

By Ben Brown

What is the universal standard operating procedure for loading a firearm? Is there a universal standard? The whole concept seems like a pretty straightforward process, but how many times have we seen folks step up to the shooting line and get a “click” when they were expecting a “BANG”? Or maybe they go to shoot their first round and the mag falls out of the gun onto the ground. It happens more often than people would like to admit.
Now, I fully understand that there is more than one right way to skin the preverbial cat. Please don’t take my preferred thoughts and methods on this topic as “the only way.” This is merely to generate discussion and thought. Also, hopefully to help some people find their own loading checklist.
There are a lot of firearms out there and each type has its own uniqueness. I am going to specifically cover a modern semi-auto handgun and AR-15, but these loading methods could be applied to many other platforms as well. Again, the idea is to create an automatic checklist in your head so that when you are loading your own firearm it is easy to spot an anomaly and create automatic repeatability.


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