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By Chris Eger

The AR-15-style rifle has been around since the late 1950s and has been called “America’s rifle.”
Here is how to clean and maintain it.
Jim Ross with Daniel Defense holds class in the above sub-30-minute video on the simple art of keeping the AR platform running like a clock. The company, of course, makes the DDM4 carbine and pistol variants as well as the DD5 rifle, which all share the same free 47-page manual.
“There’s been a lot of questions out there about, ‘hey, how do properly I clean my weapon, what’s proper lubrication look like?’” says Ross. “Today we are gonna cover all those things in a very basic video.”
Ross walks the user through having proper PPE and having a safe and clear firearm, then starting at the 1:36 mark begins the basic field strip of the gun, laying it out on the table Mickey Mouse towel-style.
By the 2:26 mark, he is into taking down the bolt carrier group, explaining not only how to disassemble it but also some insight on the mechanics and nomenclature.
You know, this type of stuff:
(Photo: Daniel Defense)
At the 3:35 mark, Ross touches on cleaning materials needed– bore snakes/patches, brushes, picks (plastic preferred), swabs, solvent, and cleaners.
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