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By Chris Eger

Keeping those AR mags in working order doesn’t have to be a chore (All Photos: Chris Eger/
A simple step that is often missed in the act of care and maintaining semi-automatic firearms such as the AR-15 is to spend a minute keeping the magazines up to snuff.
Why bother?
With any semi-auto rifle or pistol, one of the primary causes of jams and feeding issues encountered is often attributed to bad, worn, or poor magazines. Not only will a properly cleaned and maintained magazine perform better and last longer, but it speaks to the mindset of the gun’s owner. Most importantly, it gives an opportunity to spot something starting to go wrong before it has a chance to go all the way wrong.
When it comes to AR-15 mags, the two most commonly encountered as Magpul PMAGs and aluminum military-style mags. Most firearm manufacturers provide one or the other, often branded with their logos, with their AR platforms. We aren’t here to argue which is better, as each had their fan clubs, and then a Lancer  or Amend2 guy comes in and things get awkward.
Without further…
Stay Safe
As with all gun maintenance, even going back to flintlock muzzleloaders, be sure you are working on


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